Attendance Reminder


As we look towards a new school year, a reminder that attendance at school has a significant impact on the progress of children and even missing a single day can mean that the children will really struggle to catch up in that topic or area. It can also negative affect friendship and social development, as the children miss out on playing and interacting with their peers. Punctuality also has a big impact as it can impact the start and end of the day and their ability to learn. Please ensure that children are in school on time, by 8.55am each day, although the school gates open from 8.50am.

If your child is absent, please ensure that you contact the school office to report this. This can be done via phone or Parentmail. We do need to know the reasons for absence and will contact you if you have not been in touch. If we do not hear from a family for a number of days, we do become concerned and may have to visit, or inform other professionals in relation to our safeguarding policies.

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