Learning Environment

Within the DSP we aim to provide an individualised learning environment that caters for each child’s needs using the SPELL approach (National Autistic Society)

Incorporating aspects of the TEACCH Approach, clearly defined areas of the classroom for work and play so that the expectation of being in a particular area is clear to the child.

• Individual workstations for children where this is necessary
• The use of visual cues to help the child understand expectations of behaviour, for example sitting down at lunch time. 
• Pupils will be supported to be independent with the use of individual timetables.

• Using the strengths of the individual child to motivate them to learn and expand their experiences and knowledge.
• Children use a ‘work first and then choose’ system to promote motivation and acceptance of work expectations.
• Children’s successes are celebrated in a way that is understandable for them.

• Look at the world from the view of the child.
• Respect their interests and give them opportunities to expand these interests and experiences.
• Develop communication skills and give the pupil the opportunity to express opinions.

Low arousal
• To provide a calm and ordered environment to reduce anxiety and promote concentration.
• Give children the time to process sensory information and be aware of sensory stimulus that the child may find distracting or uncomfortable, such as noise levels and colour schemes.
• Allow children the opportunity for quiet time throughout the day

• To communicate with parents and other professionals working with the child so that approaches are consistent, agreed and clearly understood by everyone.
• There will be strong links with the mainstream classes and children will have opportunities for integration throughout the week.

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