Admissions and Admission Criteria

You can express a preference for your child to attend a DSP during the EHC needs assessment or annual review process. An application form will need to be completed. A twice yearly Admissions Panel organised by the Royal Borough of Greenwich SEND department will consider applications.
Children that attend Boxgrove Primary School do not get priority or the opportunity to access the provision without gaining a place through the correct procedures.
Equal consideration is given to pupils with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan as those pupils at SEN Support. The following criteria will be applied:

• Evidence of an ASD diagnosis
• Evidence of on-going input from the ASD Outreach Service, which suggest that more intensive specialist ASD input is needed
• Evidence of Personal Learning Plans (PLP’s) showing specialist ASD interventions have been put in place and that progress has not been made
• Recent Speech and Language (SALT) evidence

Other documentation required

• Most recent Annual Review
• Evidence of academic levels – e.g. P Levels, National Curriculum.
• Other recent professional advice where appropriate (less than 12 months) – e.g. CAMHS, SALT, Educational Psychologist.

Admission will not be agreed if:

• Parents/carers are not in agreement of the strategies used at the school, and are not willing to support these by following them at home
• The agreed number of funded places by the Local Authority is fully subscribed and admitting children over this number would be incompatible with the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources
• There is insufficient evidence of a clear diagnosis of Autism e.g. where it is reported ‘there are autistic traits’ or where the child is still awaiting a confirmed diagnosis of Autism
• There is evidence of moderate, severe or complex learning difficulties in addition to Autism.
• The admission of a pupil would compromise the health and safety of the pupils and/or staff within the school or would compromise or disrupt the education of pupils already in attendance.
• Siblings are not automatically admitted.

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