About Us

About Us

Boxgrove DSP consists of two classrooms. It has provision for sixteen children who are supported by two specialist teachers and teaching assistants. The children are supported on a ratio of two children to one member of staff.

Boxgrove DSP is an integral part of the school and we work closely together with an emphasis on integration with every child being a member of one of the primary classes. Opportunities for integration include shared curricular activities in and out of the classroom, shared play and social activities such as assemblies and shared outings and seasonal celebrations. 

We work closely with other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. As well as maintaining close links with other similar provisions in the borough. This enables us to share our expertise as well as develop practice.

We focus on building strong links with parents so that information about the child is shared through phone calls and the use of a home school contact book so that achievements and successes can be shared regularly. The DSP holds a half termly coffee morning for parents to encourage network opportunities and support. Parents of course, can also make an appointment to come into school to discuss their child at any time.

Boxgrove DSP Aims

In the Boxgrove DSP we aim for our practice to be inclusive and recognise individual needs. We will address any need that the pupils have with an emphasis on supporting them to develop social relationships and develop communication systems with guidance from the Speech and Language Therapy Service. We will help the pupils to cope with change and other flexibility of thought difficulties so that they can become increasingly independent. We will also have an awareness of any sensory processing needs that they may have and develop strategies that enable the child to fully  participate in school life.

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