Statutory Consultation

Notification of statutory consultation for parents and carers: Should Kidbrooke Park and Boxgrove Primary Schools convert to academy status and join with The Compass Partnership of Schools (a multi-academy trust)?

After much discussion and deliberation, the joint Governors of Kidbrooke Park and Boxgrove Primary Schools (Conatus Federation) have concluded that we should initiate a consultation on a proposal for our schools to convert to academy schools and join The Compass Partnership of Schools, a multi academy trust. 

(Please refer to the attached list of FAQs for more detail regarding the terms used in this letter).

In coming to this decision to consult, most significantly, we are of the view that The Compass Partnership of Schools will afford our schools, staff and pupils many advantages and opportunities for the future.  In addition, we have considered the many changes in the educational landscape from the recent White Paper issued by the Department for Education and, in particular, our understanding of the increasingly negative financial impact on primary schools going forward. 

The Compass Partnership is a highly successful group of local schools (in Greenwich and Essex), that share our ambition, values and long term aims. Having considered other multi academy trusts we strongly believe that joining The Compass Partnership of Schools gives us the best possible position to deal with the huge financial pressures we are starting to face, and allow our existing success to continue and our children to progress with their learning and school experience without compromise.

The Governors see joining  with The Compass Partnership of Schools and the conversion of our schools as a positive way forward and we hope that you will agree. The benefits that we see are:

It is important to note that if we proceed, you and your child are unlikely to see any change in your day to day experience of school. Leaders, teachers and support staff will remain and have their terms and conditions protected as part of the conversion process; the schools will continue to have a governing body; all children on roll at the schools will continue; times of the school day, term dates and the school’s admissions policy will stay the same (Compass admissions remain in-line with the respective local authorities within which they operate).

The Compass Partnership of Schools already has ‘Sponsor status’ meaning the Trust would retain the option to support other schools in the future if the Trustees together considered it appropriate and mutually beneficial to the Trust and the school in question to do so at the relevant time. This is exciting as it enables our schools to be part of a strong, secure, formal partnership that can become bigger and stronger over time.

In launching this consultation, our priority will always be to secure the long-term direction, ethos and values that bind us together whilst protecting the individuality of our schools; Boxgrove and Kidbrooke Park in which our children thrive and which is certainly one of our key strengths.

Your thoughts and comments are important to us.  Information sessions for parents and carers will be held as follows:

At Boxgrove Primary School on Monday 26th September 2022 at 2.30pm and 5.00pm.

At those sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from leaders and governors as regards our thoughts on this and why we are initiating this consultation.

 Should you prefer to post your questions or comments, please send them to:-

Kidbrooke Park Primary school, Holburne Road, Kidbrooke SE3 8JG

 Alternatively, you may submit them by email to the following email address:-

As ever you are always welcome to telephone or speak to us directly at either school base if you need any more information.

Please note that the official period of consultation is from 23rd September  until 4th October 2022.

Having given due consideration to all the input from you and our other stakeholders, the final decision will be made by the Governors.  As always, the needs of our children will be paramount in reaching such a conclusion.

Please be assured that any decision will not be taken lightly.  We as Governors are firmly committed to ensuring our schools have a strong and bright future and are best equipped to face the ever-challenging and evolving education landscape.

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